Connect with the entrepreneurial community in Niagara

Membership has its privileges. Becoming a member of ACCEL NORTH is inexpensive, easy and fun.  But most importantly, our members are a part of a fast growing entrepreneurial and tech community that is helping to grow Niagara’s economy through innovation and technology.

ACCEL NORTH is a growing ecosystem of innovative, creative entrepreneurs, established private sector businesses and centres for innovation, including Brock Linc and Niagara College Advanced Manufacturing.

Memberships are flexible based on your companies needs.  But you will need a membership to have access to our work spaces, mentoring services and scale-up programming.

You can work remotely while taking advantage of virtual membership, hot and dedicated desks on our open accelerator floor and private suites. Start-up innovators will have a soft-landing space for those at the incubation stage, are ready to scale or want to join our acceleration program.

 Who can become a member of ACCEL NORTH?

Membership is open to all businesses who want to be better, more efficient or more competitive.  If you think that innovation or technology can help your new or existing company, but don’t know where to start, to come and talk to someone at ACCEL NORTH.

Any entrepreneur in Niagara who is starting, incubating or scaling their business should be a part of this growing ecosystem of innovators and entrepreneurs.  Our ecosystem helps all business owners in any business sector, not just tech, that want to improve their new or current business, and become more efficient or competitive in their marketplaces through the use of innovation and technology.

So whether you are a software developer, a manufacturer, a professional services firm or any type of business and you feel there is an opportunity to be better, more efficient or more competitive with innovation or technology, you need to come and talk to the people and companies in ACCEL NORTH.

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