Supporting entrepreneurs taking their next steps to success

ACCEL NORTH is a unique technology and innovation hub unlike anything else in the Niagara Region.  One of the most exceptional parts of ACCEL NORTH are the innovative business, educational and community partnerships we’ve developed. 

Our partners are the strength behind ACCEL NORTH and why we are able to provide the blueprints for success to help entrepreneurs in high growth industries take their next step to success.

We have created partnerships in 4 key areas:

Community Partners:

ACCEL NORTH has access to unique and vibrant community of mentors, partners and tech talent throughout the region of Niagara who work in the heart of St. Catharines along side other high-performing companies in a collaborative and competitive environment.

Innovation Partners:

ACCEL NORTH works with several innovation partners across Niagara, Ontario and Western New York to provide elite services to our innovators and the build out of the ecosystem.  The influence of these partners brings fresh ideas, research and innovative services to provide cutting edge industry, knowledge and proven results to approach and provide solutions to our innovators.

Technology Partners:

ACCEL NORTH works with large multinational companies in information technology and software-as-a-service industries. This connection to such strong corporate innovators allows our centre to help you launch your products, your services and your business to the next level of growth.

Building Partners:

Our strong building partnerships have allowed ACCEL NORTH to become a unique technology and innovation hub unlike anything else in the Niagara Region. We’ve hand-selected some of the most dynamic building partners that share our vision of creating an inclusive and collaborative home for startups and companies looking to scale. View our Building Partners >