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Accelerate your business in a unique and innovative ecosystem

The ACCEL NORTH Experience

At ACCEL NORTH we know you want to have a successful venture and you need help taking your business to the next level. You want your business to grow and make more money but you don’t know how to build and manage it and you’re frustrated because you know you have a good product/offering.

We understand the challenges because we are entrepreneurs and have built successful companies and we’re committed to sharing our experiences within the unique and innovative ACCEL NORTH ecosystem that’s agile and nimble. We can work faster than non-profit accelerators because we are an independently owned entity operating as a private-public funded accelerator.

ACCEL NORTH works with startup innovators to transition them from the idea and concept stage, to the growth and expansion stage of their businesses. Our efforts are dedicated to ensuring that startups have the tools, financial assistance, resources, mentors, coaches and connections required to be successful.

More importantly, ACCEL NORTH is a collaborative environment where new ideas are born and developed in a safe and supportive ecosystem where founders and tenants can feel the energy of the city and talent around them to both inspire and energize their ideas.

ACCEL NORTH helps our members realize their dreams!

How Do I Get Started at The Accelerator?

1. Apply Now and fill out an assessment to see if you’re a fit.

2. We help you determine your needs and create your blueprint for success.

3. Your business grows and ACCEL NORTH helps you grow in a safe environment.

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  • The ihub/Spark incubation community was immensely helpful. The mentorship and guidance received was invaluable. Access to conferences was great and provided that furthered our understanding of the market.  Seminars were valuable to help early stage companies like Chalk to grow.  The hands-on experience working directly with mentors in the ecosystem helped built what is now known today as Chalk.

    William Zhou
trevorjonesThe Accelerator