Programming and Investment

ACCEL NORTH scale-up and accelerating programing bring together industry-leaders from the corporate, start-up, investment, and academic communities to solve the world’s most challenging issues.

Our programs help start-up innovators who are at the idea and concept stage through to scale-ups and established businesses.

Prepare to scale! The 3 to 6 months intensive, customized program to take your start-up to the next level with customized coaching, mentorship and access to professionals who will help you scale and grow your business.

 Programming includes;

  • All the benefits of your ACCEL NORTH Membership


  • Detailed vetting process that only accepts lead edge and disruptive startup innovators
  • Advanced on-boarding with innovators to uncover their strengths, weaknesses and hurdles to growth
  • Customized scale-up programming tailored to your company not a ‘boxed or template’ approach – every company and their needs are different
  • Access to a team of over 35 industry experts that offer strategic advice tailored to each client’s business needs and requirements
  • Access to the ACCEL NORTH seed fund for qualified innovators
  • Educational training workshops to offer start-ups and scale-ups the tools, mentoring and peer feedback to solve specific problems and build essential business components 
  • Networking opportunities to meet with aspiring businesses, enterprise companies, service providers and government organizations 
  • Pitch practice that provides constructive feedback with business, technology and financial panel experts through a series of pitch panels
  • Connections to government, angel investors and private funding partners
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