Private Scale-Up Suites

The 3rd floor of ACCEL NORTH provides innovators with seven private scale-up and acceleration suites ranging in size from 250 sq. ft. to 1300 sq. ft. Some are open and some have private offices and each suite has been fully renovated and each suite has their own colour scheme, keeping it fun.

Each scale-up suite has a gigabyte wired network from your suite to a secure network room located on the 3rd floor, where you will find your own 9U secure server rack to house your own equipment such as firewalls, modems and routers. We have 2 high-speed fiber internet providers in the building with pricing starting at $99/month.

Housing a number of these companies all under one roof will have the benefit of allowing like-minded people to share ideas, questions, problems, and grow their companies in a tech community.

Each 3rd floor scale-up suite includes:

  • Dedicated office space on our 3rd floor for innovators who are ready to grow
  • 24/7 secure access to the building with a simple building keyfob - no keys needed
  • Secure shared washrooms
  • Secure shared kitchenette with a refrigerator/toaster oven/microwave oven/Keurig coffee machine and filtered water
  • Access to 2nd floor amenities including shared hotel meeting rooms larger team meeting rooms and shared boardrooms that can be signed out
  • Special rates for event space and conference room (coming soon)
  • Included high-speed WIFI on the 3rd floor
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Customized Office Spaces

Customized office space is available on the 4th and 5th floors of ACCEL NORTH.

trevorjonesPrivate Scale-Up Suites